Gas Electric Stove

Cooking Advantages of a Gas and Electric Stove

Growing up in South Africa we were only used to electric stoves, but with the constant load shedding and random power outages, people started looking for other energy solutions. One alternative energy solution is gas power. Gas power is a way to go off the grid and power electrical devices like a stove. 
In general, a gas and electric range would be one that has a gas cooktop and an electric oven. So you use gas to cook food on the stove, but you can use electricity to bake in the oven. It's an easy way to manage and balance your energy consumption, resulting in long-term financial benefits. 
The main advantage of a gas and electric stove is that it allows you to use two different energy sources. This allows you to use the stove with the existing outlet when the power is on, but if a power outage or cord theft causes a power outage in your area, you can continue to use the burners for cooking as they continue to run on gas. It is more efficient to use gas when cooking because a gas bottle can last a long time. Depending on the size of the gas bottle, it may be months or possibly even years before you need to change the gas bottle. When cooking on the gas stove, you have the advantage of rapid heating. As soon as you light the flame, the heat is there immediately. You don't have to wait for the hob to heat up. This instantaneous heat can quickly heat up the pot or pan, allowing you to start cooking almost immediately. If you are a busy worker this is a great thing as you really have time to wait. 
If you have a small family, or just you and your partner, then the 4 ring gas stove is a sensible option because you won't be cooking much when you get home from work. This device saves space as it is not too big and has all the features you need to cook for a small family. However, if you have a larger family or like to prepare a lot of food for your family gatherings or parties, then the 5 burner gas range could be a viable option for you. 
When cooking vegetables, you will find that the water heats up much faster on a gas stove than on a conventional electric stove. The flames shorten the cooking time and start cooking the vegetables much sooner. While you prepare food on the gas stove, you can bake a dessert or maybe roast chicken in the electric oven.

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