Infiniti 700 Flue-Less Conversion GrateMK1

Infinity Fireplace

These grates are designed to enable the easy conversion of an existing steel or brick fireplace into a flue-less gas fire. If you have an open wood or anthracite burning fire it is as simple as sealing up the chimney opening to prevent heat loss up the chimney, running gas to the fire and connecting up our flue-less grate.

No more lighting of fires, no more smoke smell in the house, no more cleaning out the ash. Simply large quantities of heat with the convenience of a flick of a switch.

If you have a flued gas fire it is even easier. Remove the flued grate, seal up the chimney flue and fit the flue-less grate to the existing gas line. Generally a 1 to 2 hour job.

The flue-less grate is 3 times more efficient than most flued grates. That is either a lot more heat for your house at no extra cost or the same heat with a big reduction in running cost. Plus, you will be doing your bit for our environment by utilizing our gas reserves in a more beneficial manner.

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