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Water Heating


Rinnai hot water systems gives endless hot water more efficiency and with greater control. Innovative design provides the largest capacity flow rates and can also operate from as little as 2.4l/min which is beneficial for saving water.

Rinnai has between 5.2 and 5.9 star ratings, with an impressive 87% thermal efficiency. Rinnai is environmentally friendly. A new state of the art NOx burners for improved air quality.  This is in addition to being a gas appliance, which already produces approximately 70% less greenhouse emissions than electric hot water systems.

All units have a 10 year warranty on the heat exchanger and 2 years on the parts.  The units have specially designed heat exchangers ensuring a long life for those hard working appliances.


Fingertip water temperature control

Endless hot water

Increased safety

High efficiency

Space saving, compact size

Delivers greater water flow rates than instantaneous models

Flexibility - can be used on its own or in conjunction with a
storage tank, heat-exchanger, etc.

Economical operation


Temperature cutout


A unique digital control pad allows you to control the hot
water temperatures in your kitchen, laundry, and bathroom
at all times.  Once programmed, water will stay at set
temperature regardless of the number of outlets in use.


For the safety of your children, water temperature is preset to reach a maximum of 55 degrees Celsiu


Bosch gas water heaters offer innovative and energy saving features that provide temperature and flow rate control for both single- and multi-point hot water systems.


Piezo-Electric Ignition

The simplest form of ignition is the integrated piezo-electric pilot light at the press of a button. Once ignited, the water heater fires up automatically as soon as water is used. Complete safety and reliability is provided by the thermo-electric flame-failure device which prevents gas leaking if the pilot light goes off.

Saving with battery operated models:

If the pilot flame burns 24 hours per day the potential saving is 80-90kg of gas per year.

That is as much as R450 per year (48kg gas for R448 as a refill without deposit for bottle; 2x48kg = R225 + R450)

The Multi-point Hot Water System

With a multi-point hot water system, all hot water points are supplied by a single water heater. The amount and temperature of the water used can be individually controlled at each tap unit. This type of arrangement is best used where the piping runs to the various hot water outlets are not excessively long.

The Single-point Hot Water System

In this case, separate gas instantaneous water heaters are installed directly at each hot water point – over the kitchen sink and the bath, for example. The advantage of this arrangement is the immediate availability of hot water at the point of use.


1. Powerful - However large or small your hot water requirements are, Bosch has the appliance with the output to suit.

2. Economical - Instantaneous water heaters only use energy when hot water is used

3. Safe - The built-in thermoelectric flame-failure device prevents gas leaking if the pilot light goes off.

4. Convenient - Hot water wherever and whenever needed.

5. User-friendly - Piezo-electric pilot light produces instantaneous hot water as soon as you turn on the tap.

6. Compact - Attractive and compact design saves space and makes these appliances ideal for both old and new properties.

7. Versatile - Whichever option you choose - point of use or central supply - Bosch has the right water heater for you

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