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Space heating -  Commercial


You have a building of 5m high or more and are looking for an efficient solution and you want to make the right decision.

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- Ceramic heating gives you comfortable heat in a guaranteed temperature.

- It is the most efficient form of heating on the market.

- For the same comfort, your gas bills will be 30 to 40% lower than with
  other forms of heating.

- SBM has 40 years of experience at your disposal.

- More than 470,000 radiant heaters of all power outputs currently
  heat industrial and service sector premises.


100% heat is directed towards the floor - These are surface heat emitters . This means that all the people and equipment at floor level recieve all the benefit  of the ceramic heat rays.

Higher efficiency - Ceramic radiant heaters have a radiated efficiency between 66% and 70% depending on the gas used. This is 30% to 40% higher than other radiant systems.

Operates at any height - High efficiency ceramic radiants operate efficiently at any height. In lower buildings, less powerful radiants can be used to guarantee uniform comfort for the occupants.

Instant heat - 95% of their radiated heat capacity is reached within the first 5 minutes of operation. This fast-warmup means that maximum efficiency is maintained when radiants are switched on and off for temperature regulation purposes.

Even temperature - More compact ceramic radiants have an even surface temperature. Arrangement in "crossed fields" enables an even heat distribution throughout the heated area.

Compact for economy of space - Lightweight (3kg to 12kg maximum) and easily mounted, the heaters do not over load the roof or wall structures. The heaters are compact, take up little space, and can easily be directed for even distribution of heat.


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